Thursday, April 23, 2009

Welcome to Noni's House!

I'm laughing as I sit here, attempting to post my maiden blog... It is that nervous kind of half laugh that is designed to gain an extra moment of thought, as if I were onstage.


Noni's House is the name for the business I have had in the back of my mind for years. While I have come to understand that it is not something possible in the foreseeable future, I will always hold on to the hope and wish of it. Noni (Non-ee) is what my grandson calls me, a play on the traditional Irish Nonnie (No- nee) (for grandmother)

Noni's House, as I envision it, is a "play" house aimed at special needs children. I can see it in one of the older antebellum homes that are so common in the older parts of Atlanta. Each room would have a different theme, with completely different activities, ranging from the kitchen, where children would participate in cookie baking, to the attic, with trunks and trunks of dress up clothing, to the reading room, complete with rocking chairs and a story book reading Grandma or Grandpa, to the gardens outside, in various stages of planting. Noni's House would be a place where children could go to forget about what they CAN'T do, and learn about what they CAN do. And parents would have the option of participating, or spending time in the parlor in personal quiet time, or even, (for an added fee) leaving and having some time to themselves.

Unfortunately, the cost to staff such a facility, let alone have it set up and insured, puts this dream out of reach at the moment.

But someday......In the meantime, there is truly no telling what you might find me writing about here, from politics to science, from flowers to liquor, and everything in between!